Tale of Two Temples: Where Would You Rather Meditate?

At the stunning Wat Long Khun, visitors ring the bell before crossing the bridge.

Wat Long Khun has everything, even a mural from the Matrix with a likeness of Keanu Reeves

 It would take days to explore the nine sparkling 
buildings at Wat Long Khun.

We found the White Temple in Chiang Rai by mistake. We knew it was there, but we were going someplace else entirely that day.  The temple is so arresting, so compelling, that you can't drive past.

Wat Nong Lumpuk
The dazzling Wat Long Khun is new, an architectural masterpiece in nine buildings, designed to attract and inspire. The all-white structures, studded with millions of tiny mirrors, are breathtaking. 

Wat Nong Lumpuk is also new. It's in a poor village in a poor eastern province. It definitely does not dazzle. It attracts no tourists. It does have a new ceiling, a gift from Bangkok students and some American donors. The villagers are very proud of that ceiling.

Where would you rather meditate?